What I’ve learned being prego…

Bonnie&Shane 35 weeks prego NuggetShane and I are 38 weeks prego with our first baby, “nugget”. We couldn’t be more excited. What a fun exciting time this has been, watching and waiting for this lil’ one to grow. I was thinking at 6 am this morning when I couldn’t sleep about all of the things I’ve learned while being pregnant. Thought I’d share my early morning thoughts with you.


– I’ve learned that you can love something that’s only the size of a pin head

– I’ve learned that babies can prefer certain songs over others in utero; nugget shimmy and shakes to “This Lil Light of Mine” and can take or leave “You are My Sunshine”

– I’ve learned that thank you letters take a very long time to write, cause I want my heart in every one

– I’ve learned that one, very little person can really turn your life and house upside down, even if they’re still in your belly

– I’ve learned that gifts can come from what seems like trials. For example…
1. Being on bed rest for 5 weeks allowed me to slow down, meditate a lot and enjoy connecting with my honey, who works from home.
2. Having gestational diabetes forced me to eat incredibly healthy, which is great for both nugget and I, and I’ll have less weight to lose when nugget joins us, wahoo! :)
3. As hard as not being around family has been, it’s forced Shane and I to really depend on each other and bond; I’m more in love with that man than ever before.

– I’ve learned that pregnancy can be just as intimate and exciting for the father-to-be as it is for the mother.

– I’ve learned that just cause a doctor says something, doesn’t mean they’re right. Trust your intuition.

– I’ve learned that people love to tell you their horror stories when you’re pregnant, even if its about the great, great aunt of their sisters brother-in-law, second removed.

– I’ve learned that pregnancy bonds women like nothing else, especially talking about all the strange things happening to your body.

– I’ve learned that people love to tell you if they think you’re having a girl or boy, and if they think you’ve gained too much or too little weight.

– I’ve learned that you can glow even if your back hurts, feet swell, and get up every half hour at night to pee.

– I’ve learned that people love pregnant ladies- I think it’s cause it’s the closest we get to helping God out with a miracle.

4 Responses to What I’ve learned being prego…

  1. Aunt Di says:

    Love your blog Bonnie, how true…they are God’s little miracles. and for sure your little nugget is definately a miracle. Can’t wait to hear your new CD, and to see you in September…Dad told me the news this am that he’s coming to CT to visit..so excited!!!
    Shane is amazing husband and you both will be the best mommy and daddy….
    Love you both

    Aunt Di

  2. Awe thanks for saying hi Aunt Di!! I can’t wait to see you in September!! I’ve been spoiled, saw dad and Jackster two times in the past month or 2. So grateful. Can’t wait to introduce nugget to his Aunt Di and Uncle Jim and wonderful cousins. Love you too and miss you.

  3. Kim S. says:

    Being late and stressed for Dr. appt. has allowed me to stop, read your blog and respond!! How is that for a gift out of a stressor!! I love you so much, your blog warmed my heart. I can’t wait for your CD… I think of you often and don’t forget to keep cherishing every moment and stay in the now! Love & kisses to all 3 of you and please give Shane extra hug for us, we’re sorry to hear about his father. Kim

  4. Susanna says:

    Hi Bonnie, it’s Susanna (in DC) writing, wow, 38 weeks! You’re almost there! You look beautiful.

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