Baby Bear on the Way!

panda in crib20 weeks and counting! Shane and I are expecting our first baby, July 30th. We are ecstatic!!! We’re not going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. We thought it would be more fun to be surprised on their birthday.

It’s the craziest thing; pregnancy. On one hand, I know that millions of women have babies all the time. But now that it’s me, it’s so strange! And beautiful. And foreign! And awesome.  The nausea stopped at 4 months, thank the heavens! Then the acid reflux, insomnia and pinched sciatica nerve started. But yah know, I’ll take it. All of it.

The second trimester has been very spiritual. I’ve been meditating along with Oprah every morning, writing a journal to lil’ nugget, and just started prenatal yoga.  All types of fears crop up… will I be able to handle delivery? Am I ready for a baby and the time that will take? Will I be a good mama?? etc etc etc. But then there’s this incredibly powerful, “I am woman” feeling that washes over me, reminding me that this amazing process connects me with all women out there, from my ancestors to my grand daughters.

I trust I will be ready when the time comes. But it hasn’t slowed me down yet. I just started recording 4 of my new songs, and hope to have my 4th CD (Tennessee Miles) in hand by the end of the summer. Can’t wait till you hear my new Nashville babies.  In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying this time and the extra inspiration it brings, writing lots of songs and relishing in the butterfly kicks. :)



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